What is G.Round?

G.Round is an online public playtesting platform that enables all developers -
indies to AAAs - to showcase and test their unreleased games. As a developer,
you can use our platform to iron out bugs and receive feedback from real gamers and potential
future customers.
Is G.Round the right service for you?
  • Do you have a game you want to improve?
  • Can you share the build publicly? (not applicable for private testing)
  • Does your game build have a reasonable amount of playtime?
  • Is your game build free of critical bugs?

If you answered “Yes” to the above then we may have the perfect
solution for you to playtest your game and get feedback.

Why G.Round?

Using our platform, you will engage with our community of playtesters who are ready and willing to play early builds of your game and provide you with the critical early impression you need. Whether your game is polished and near ready to ship, or conceptual with only a few levels finished, we can provide you the data you need to adjust ahead of your launch.

With our platform, we can also target gamers worldwide to provide you access to the audience you wish to reach. Your game studio can then make data-driven decisions and use the findings as leverage in negotiations with potential publishers and investment partners.



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NOWWA (Liechtenstein)

“G.Round was of great help to us. We chose G.Round initially just to make our life easier around the organization and marketing of our first crowdfunding campaign and to have less distraction from the actual game development. What turned out to be a really great tool was the G.Round launcher which worked very smoothly and the user data we received was very valuable, by the aggregated numbers as well as by detailed feedback by single players.”

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Stray Blade

Point Blank Games (Germany)

“The G.Round play-test provided invaluable insights to improve the game early in development and the results took us over the finish line to close the AAA publishing deal we just signed for Stray Blade. Looking forward to future test runs. The player base was very constructive, good climate, no trolls. Very good quality feedback. Overall very cool format, just really need 1000+ players to make good arguments from the data.”

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Tater Games (Slovakia)

“Testing on G.Round was the best thing we could have done at this early stage of the project. It was admittedly much earlier than a lot of games that find their way here but the early state was welcomed and the feedback and data we received answered all of our questions. We cannot recommend G.Round enough. If you have questions for your players, and you absolutely should, this is a perfect place to ask them, no matter the state of your project.

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Misc. A Tiny Tale

Tinyware Games (Australia)

“G.Round helped our small indie studio get word of our game out there and capture a larger audience in a short amount of time. The support, collaborative ideas and connections made the whole experience smooth and enjoyable. From marketing to the friendly staff, they went above and beyond to support us little guys.”

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Second Hand: Frankie’s Revenge

Rikodu Games (Romania)

“G.Round allowed us to test our game with real players while getting ready for launch. In addition to focusing our QA efforts, we gained some good qualitative feedback and the G.Round team made the whole experience seamless. I’m looking forward to working with them for our next projects.”

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Jack Axe

Keybol Games (Philippines)

“G.Round is a great platform for developers and gamers. As a developer they were able to connect us with influencers and find our playerbase in a crowded PC market. As a gamer I discovered unreleased games and was able to experience them first on their platform. Installation is easy, I just downloaded the game using their app and I was able to try it within minutes!”

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Appnormals Team (Spain)

“G.Round has been an outstanding platform to get quality feedback from our game in development. Exceptional IT support, and a very active user community that will keep growing over time for sure. Definitely recommend it to any developer, whatever the stage of development is!”

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Tiny Little Bastards

Overlord Game Studio (Brazil)

G.Round was, without any doubt, a game-changer for Tiny Little Bastards and for Overlord Game Studio. I would also like to mention the support team that was extremely helpful in every situation. I would definitely recommend G.Round as a public testing platform but also as a playtesting (bug finding and basic feedback) platform to any company in need of such services.

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G.Round Service Values

Constructive User Feedback

Gain valuable insight through real user feedback via G.Round testing. Fine-tune your game content and mechanics, define your strengths and weaknesses, peer into user behavior and get to know your player base. Use this data to optimize your game launch.

Market Insight

At the end of the testing period, your game studio receives a report card that helps you make more informed data-driven decisions about focusing on different demographics or localizing the game in certain regions.

Publishing Opportunities

You can leverage positive test results in negotiations with publishers and potential investors. Many G.Round games successfully signed large-scale deals by presenting positive player feedback and backing necessary improvements and game vision with user data. We can assist you in this process and introduce you to our network of publishers and investors across the globe to help start the conversation!

Investment Opportunities

We know the importance of funding as it fuels your game’s continuous development and company operations. Depending on your company’s growth stage and required capital, we can provide different investment opportunities via our independent game fund or through our network of partners.


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