G.Round On-Boarding Procedure

Review and Selection

1 month+
before going Live

  • Submit your game
  • Internal Game Review
  • Select your package and playtesting dates

2-4 Weeks
before going Live

  • Invitation to G.Round Discord channel
  • Onboarding Guideline and Game build integration
  • Survey creation
  • Planning of cross-promotion plan
Game Playtesting

4 Weeks

  • 10-12 standard review questions
  • Access to content creators
  • Playtest data
  • Market data
  • Customizable survey with 10 questions shown to our global user base (open during last two weeks)

1-2 weeks after game
playtesting ends

  • Receive your test results with a comprehensive report card
  • 30-min studio offboarding call
  • Long term partnership

Review and Selection

Start Your Playtesting Journey

Start your playtesting journey by submitting your game to G.Round. All games will undergo internal
review, and if it is approved by our internal testing team, we will contact you to move onto the
onboarding stage.



Integrate your game build with G.Round and join our community


Once your game is approved, you will receive and sign a playtesting term sheet.


We will contact you to have a 1-on-1 call with our onboarding team to go through the onboarding process, what you need to provide and what you will receive at the end of the test.


Join G.Round Tech Discord server where you can ask questions and have real-time contact with internal staff.


Integrate your game build with our G.Round SDK and submit a non DRM based build to our team to be implemented in our secure G.Round launcher.


Submit marketing assets, write a welcome message for the playtesters and join G.Round public Discord server.


Game Playtesting

The 4-week test period with G.Round Community


Receive standardized review ratings for different parts of the game (story, gameplay, replayability etc). Read honest written player feedback. Get answers to your most important questions through a customized Survey.

Content Creations

Watch video content created by 50+ G.Round community members who earned a role on our editorial team through high-quality work and consistency. This diverse group of creators is from all over the globe and caters to various audience sizes and niches.


Talk to our engaged community on Discord and receive live bug reports and feedback so you can deploy patches throughout the test. Who knows? Maybe you will find your super fans here who will help spread the word about your game globally.

Player Demographics

Find out who played your game and how they rated it relative to other demographics. It’s a great way to define your target audience better.

User Behavior Data

Learn how long users spent in your game and how often they would come back. User behavior gives you insight if your game is interesting enough for players to dedicate extra time to it.

In-Game Analytics

Track in-game events such as how many people passed a certain level or which faction they preferred in order to balance the game better.



Discover G.Round insights and start your long-term partnership

Test Results

You will receive a comprehensive Report Card that provides an overview of player demographics, game ratings, comparison with similar games, user behavior data, and selected reviews. You will also receive a full list of written feedback, survey answers, and video content for your game.

30-Minute Studio Offboarding Call

A 30-Minute debrief is done via video conference to go over the report card data and answer any questions that may arise.

Studio Feedback

G.Round strives to improve the same way you do, through feedback, so we will ask you to answer some questions about your experience so we can make our service better.

Long-Term Partnership

We want to build a long-lasting relationship with your studio so even after the test is over, the G.Round team will periodically follow up with you to explore potential marketing opportunities and future playtests.

Game Testing Packages

Public Testing
By ordering a package from G.Round, you’re eligible for
a $10,000 AWS voucher.
(from Bronze Package)
Startup Packages


Young team on a steady diet of cup noodles? Ask us about R&D slot availability

* Starter/Basic package does not guarantee any numbers


Initial package for pre-alpha or alpha games looking to obtain gamer feedback and improve game development direction

Premium Packages


Advanced package for alpha or pre-beta games, aiming to match proper publishers or investors based on test results


Boost-up package for pre-beta games with more user and content creators involvement, identifying target countries


Customized package for beta games with global exposure via media and content creators, identifying target countries and preparing official launch

Content Creators
Media Exposure
Private Testing
Contact us for pricing

Do you have the next big game in mind that is not ready to be public? Would you like to have more customization in the
private testing game testing packages? We offer private test packages to publishers and studios that want to test their
games with confidentiality with NDA signed by each playtester. Publishers and studios also have the option to choose
their preference of playtesting, such as playtesters’ preference of genre, age/gender of playtester, hardware
requirements, and the testing region. Packages start from $100-150 (subject to change) per playtest, so please get in
touch with us for more information.

For Studios, Publishers, Incubators. (Our team will review your submission and get
back to you within 14 days if you get a green light.)

For Governments, Publishers, Investors, Solution Partners, Game Event Organizers etc

Request a Partnership


Internal Approval Process

G.Round has limited testing slots and has to uphold a certain quality standard to keep our community
happy. Each game that comes on G.Round has to be approved by our Internal Testing team. Things
our team considers are the overall quality of the game, the build’s stability, sufficiency in content,
suitability of public test, and many more considerations for the community. Bonus points are awarded
if the game lends itself to entertaining content creation. Only games approved through this process
will be invited on the G.Round platform.